Patient Care Associate - Med/surg (000545) Job In Brooklyn, New York, Axelon Services Corporation

Published 2022-09-28
Expires 2022-10-28
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Patient Care Associate - Med/surg (000545) Job In Brooklyn, New York, Axelon Services Corporation
United States, New York, Brooklyn,
Published September 28, 2022

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Per annum
Occupation: Patient care associate - med/surg (000545)

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Patient Care Associate - Med/Surg

Brooklyn, NY

6-12 Months

Purpose of Position:

Under direct supervision of a licensed Nurse or other professional medical staff in a

health care setting, performs a variety of clerical and health-related duties associated with

patient care; performs related work.

Examples of Typical Tasks:

1. Checks vital signs, weighs and measures patients, obtains specimens and records

findings on patient s chart.

2. Instructs patients on how to obtain specimens for laboratory testing and performs

basic specimen screening testing through dipstick and hemocult.

3. Prepares collected specimens for pick-up by labeling and preparing required form(s).

Picks-up lab results.

4. Performs vision and hearing testing and simple urinalysis.

5. Administers emergency first aid, including basic life support procedures.

6. Performs simple first aid such as dressing changes, bandaging and cleansing of

wounds, irrigation and cleansing of ears.

7. Prepares patient for examination and assists medical provider during examination by

providing necessary supplies/equipment.

8. Prepares examining room for examination including cleaning and sterilizing

instruments and equipment.

9. Informs patients on proper preparation for various medical testing.

10. Conducts interview of client to obtain routine personal and medical information and

appropriate health history.

11. Maintains, completes, processes and files patients charts, appropriate forms and


12. Reports observations of patient to medical staff caring for patient to ensure

professional assessment.

Position Title:

Patient Care Associate

Title Code(s)

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Reissued Revision

Answers routine inquiries of patients in person or via telephone and makes

appropriate referrals.

14. Participates in informing patients and their families of health care services and

achieving healthful, safe living.

15. Maintains inventory of the unit s equipment stock and supplies.

16. Works effectively as a team member in the delivery of care and assists in the

orientation of new employees.

17. Directs and escorts patients to other hospital departments and/or facilities, as needed.

18. Coordinates efforts of various clinic and facility departments in scheduling and

rebooking appointments through manual and/or automated systems and enters

pertinent patient information into hospital data systems.

19. Obtains blood specimens for laboratory testing by performing venipuncture and/or

fingerstick testing.

20. Operates electrocardiograph equipment to record electrical wave tracing of the

electrical currents of the heart muscle.Purpose of Position:

Under direct supervision of a licensed Nurse or other professional medical staff in a

health care setting, performs a variety of clerical and health-related duties associated with

patient care; performs related work.

Examples of Typical Tasks:

2 years of med/surg experience required

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