Clinical-scientific - Biology Scientists (in Vitro) Biology Scientists (in Vitro) Job In Groton, Co

Published 2022-09-23
Expires 2022-10-23
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Clinical-scientific - Biology Scientists (in Vitro) Biology Scientists (in Vitro) Job In Groton, Co
United States, Connecticut, Groton,
Published September 23, 2022

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Per annum
Occupation: Clinical-scientific - biology scientists (in vitro) biology scientists (in vitro)

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Clinical-Scientific - Biology Scientists (In Vitro)

Groton, CT

6 Months

Job Description: This position provides biomarker bioanalytical support for ligand binding lab biomarker assets. This scientist has growing knowledge of bioanalytical methodologies related to ligand binding assay (LBA) platforms, protein characterization, and immunoassays. The scientist helps lead laboratory support for method development, validation, and clinical support using ligand binding assay techniques.

" Responsibilities include the development and validation of quantitative methods of Client biomarkers utilizing immunoassay techniques. Successful job performance includes implementation of appropriate ligand binding assay techniques to support quantitation of large molecule biomarker species.

" Knowledge of routine use of liquid handling systems, various immunoanalytical platforms (ELISA, MSD, Digital Western Blot, Proteomics Platforms etc), and Watson LIMS are required. Position requires expertise in biological sample handling and preparation, and laboratory automation.

" Role includes design of experiments, data analysis, interpretation, report preparation, QC and peer review of raw data

" All colleagues in this role are responsible for maintaining regulatory compliance appropriate for clinical study execution including all proscribed training as found in ECD SOPs and training transcripts. This includes knowledge, training and understanding of GLP/GCP guidance for execution of clinical studies supporting portfolio projects as applicable.

" Proactively gathers input from colleagues, teams & management to avoid/address issues at functional level and participates on cross discipline matrix teams

" Highly motivated and independent individual. Excellent oral/written communication skills

" Demonstrated ability to clearly & concisely communicate bioanalytical information

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