Aws Data Developer Job In Malvern, Pennsylvania, Han It Staffing

Published 2022-09-22
Expires 2022-10-22
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Aws Data Developer Job In Malvern, Pennsylvania, Han It Staffing
United States, Pennsylvania, Malvern,
Published September 22, 2022

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Per annum
Occupation: Aws data developer

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Client: Capgemini/Vanguard.

Built S3 buckets and managed policies for S3 buckets and used S3 bucket and for storage and backup on AWS [20 %]

o Create s3 buckets in different regions and different accounts

o Create the S3 Backups

o Configure the bucket permissions to receive objects from different accounts

Configure and manage AWS Virtual Private Cloud, along with subnets, route tables, and internet gateway [10 %]

o Configure AWS VPC and Managing them

o Set up route tables

o Configure the subnets for the VPCs

Develop, deploy, and manage event-driven and scheduled AWS Lambda functions to be triggered in response to events on various AWS sources including s3, logging, monitoring, and security-related events [20 %]

o Develop lambda function in python to transfer file from one bucket to other bucket which are in different regions and different accounts

o Set up the triggers for lambda by events of s3 bucket

o Logging and monitoring the events by using cloudwatch

Work with Amazon IAM to maintain the user credentials. [20 %]

o Create custom IAM policies to various groups defined within the organization.

o Manage Amazon IAM service to enable users to get permissions on resources.

o Configure AWS Multi Factor Authentication in IAM to implement 2 step authentication of user's access using Google Authenticator and AWS Virtual MFA

Set up and build AWS infrastructure with various services like Cloud-Formation and Jenkins.[20 %]

o Create cloud formation templates in json.

o Deploy services using CFT

o Make Deployment via Jenkins

Write test cases and execute the same manually and write automated scripts for the Integration Testing of the respective modules.[10 %]

o Perform unit testing on developed code and volume testing

o Write test cases for all possible scenarios

o Ensure the code has 100% coverage

Thanks & Regards

Vipin Kumar

Sr. Technical Recruiter

HAN IT Staffing

(phone number removed) Ext- 427

100 Wood Ave S, Suite 102, Iselin NJ, 08830

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